The Nokia Lumia Range – Because Women Struggle Using Technology

Calling all women out there who have a mobile phone! Have you ever used it for anything other than checking your make-up, padding out your bra or using it to repeatedly bash yourself around the head when Nokia unleash ridiculously patronising adverts like this?

I know I haven’t. In 2014, although the UK Skills Council for Business and Information Technology states that only 16% of people working in IT strategy and planning are women, there are scores of talented females making waves in digital technologies. Take, for example, Jo Kerr, who created Team Digital at Girlguiding and mentors other women working in the digital world for charities, or Shannon Haigh, a 23 year-old who has devised and led award-winning digital campaigns for charities such as Water Aid, plus so many more female digital gurus. A study by the Internet Advertising Bureau has also found that 52% of all gamers in the UK are women, challenging the way we perceive modern women and how they interact with technology. We know that Nokia thinks that young women are only interested in a good looking phone and not knowing what a quad core processor is, but contrary to that belief, women are increasingly interested in gaming, code, JavaScript and C++ – no longer strictly male preserves.

It’s astounding that Nokia would then release this pearl:

Generic white middle-class Tom sits upon his lofty throne as the manager of his own business and his own Nokia Lumia 930! Not only can he brandish his mobile with masterly effervescence, but he can also talk its language, spitting out ‘One Drive’ and ‘HD Video’ in his one man techno-rap soliloquy. Oh, he looks so competent with his shiny office and his numerous friends, while the young woman in Nokia’s first ad is stumbling blindly through a brave new modern world, desperately seeking comfort from her clothes and her puppy-like younger sister.

What a sad world Nokia thinks we live in, and what a sad symbol this is of the endemic inequality that women face every day. Bad Nokia.

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