Garnier Perfect Blur – actually destroys wrinkles and banishes your pores


Here’s another foundation that not only gives you the benefits of freakishly smooth skin, but practically froths at the mouth to reduce the appearance of the completely natural ageing process, and block or ‘minimise’ your pores that serve a really important biological function. Great product and great marketing, Garnier.

Perfect Blur’s advertising is completely bizarre. For some ungodly reason, it appears that using one foundation will actually pluck your eyebrows for you (see above before and after contrast), change your eye colour, dye your hair and it kind of thins your face too. The above example just shows the importance of stopping and examining advertising like this, if you have the time, to realize that a) this is unattainable beauty and b) why should you want to look like a perfect blur all the time and not yourself?

Why should be always have to put up with this boring homogenized advertising? The image above states that it ‘has not been retouched’. Like shit it hasn’t. Can you remember the days when major organisations were promising to cut down on airbrushing and photoshopping images of women, like Debenhams in June last year? I wonder what happened to gestures like that? Those gestures mean that money might be lost, and what a shame that would be.

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