Why is it that women model art?


I’ve always found it very odd that when new art exhibitions are announced in newspapers, you always find a woman ‘modelling’ it (usually looking thoughtful or wistful)…


Is it so you can compare the beauty of the artwork with the woman’s beauty?


Or come to a true understanding that yes, women do go to art galleries…

Dante Gabriel Rosetti's Lady Lilith, in Tate Britain's show Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde

Or could it be to compare people’s facial expressions when they look at art? (She looks disgusted, I hope my face looks better than that when I look paintings…)

Leonardo da Vinci at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, in London.

Maybe we’ll start noticing a wave of people just posing in art galleries, hoping that someone will take a photo of them for the Metro or the Evening Standard…

3d-art_1896613iOr maybe it’s just purely for fun. Look at the woman up there, she’s having a whale of a time!

In a less obvious way than page three, I it seems that this is another symbol of our bizarre voyeuristic relationship with women in the media. It’s basically like the supermodels who model cars, but instead of looking sexy and empowered aside what is essentially a piece of jazzy metal with an engine in it, they look reflective and thoughtful, because art is clever.

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