Gok Wan and his ‘bangers’ rhetoric is offensive and degrading


It’s seem that Gok Wan has finally been called to question for calling women’s breasts bangers while he pinches them into a Dorothy Perkins tummy-tuck dress, sealed with a big belt at the waist. Rightly so, I say.

Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix has always been a bit of a strange concept to me. He finds women who are obviously quite vulnerable (for reasons which are only vaguely explained with Coldplay sinisterly playing in the background), counsels them on a comfy sofa with a cup of tea, dresses them up in what’s usually the same clothes each week (dress that pulls you in at the waist – check, big ol’ belt – check), and then pisses off while they look into the mirror at their new self, pretending that if they smile and look nice then everything is OK.

Gok tries to make the fashion world seem more human in his programme, but it just merelh highlights how shallow it is. Telling women that presenting themselves as happy, beautiful and confident on the surface, when really there are major self-esteem and confidence issues at play, is surely quite damaging? Maybe a fashion make over would lift your spirits for a while, when at the same time your emotional baggage has been spilled out on national television, but surely that would only provide a short-term boost? Word to the wise Gok, wearing a pretty new top will not solve your problems.

The programme is also hugely patronizing to women, and engrains all the familiar stereotypes that exist about women in the media. We all love bags and shoes and we just love taking our clothes off (I see so many women taking their clothes off in magazines – so we must love it?).

As well as his Trinny and Susannah-esque grabbing of the boobs and calling them ‘bangers’, which only serves to objectify the poor women who he’s servicing, he’s also asking them to strip on live television, as if that’s all that women can do to boost their self-esteem.

Women and men, even if they are slebs, shouldn’t have the right to grab women, objectify them because of their physical attributes and talk to them as if they’re slabs of meat. It is actually broadcasted abuse, but we don’t think of it that way, for some ungodly reason. Would you stand for it if a man or woman called your breasts ‘bangers’ in an objectifying way?

Hopefully programmes like Gok’s Fashion Fix will become woefully out-of-date, and we can all go to sleep safe at night with the knowledge that his grabby hands will never be televised again. I wonder what happened to the women in his shows…


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