The No More Page Three campaign has an amazing 113,193 supporters

ba30b555e86c0dbd448976760d1f1004Don’t forget to take ten seconds out and join them by signing the petition yourself. You’ll be joining a number of figures in the public eye, such as Lauren Laverne, Caitlin Moran, Jennifer Saunders, Rebecca Front and Fiona Bruce.

It seems like momentum is really growing for the campaign, especially after Mary Beard, Caitlin Moran, Hadley Freeman and Grace Dent and others have received a number of hideously abusive tweets over the past few weeks and the Conservatives are focusing on banning online porn. Government and media attention is currently on representations of women in the media, so now’s a great time to get behind the campaign.

The Guardian are really championing the cause, and Roy Greenslade is one new addition to the number of Guardian journalists covering this. You can view his to-date write-up of the campaign’s successes here. Lucy-Ann Holmes, who leads the campaign, is doing amazingly well, we all just need to continue to spread the word in any way we can!

Tweet: @Nomorepage3 or visit the Facebook page: 


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