70s second-wave feminist magazine Spare Rib to relaunch

Spare Rib 6

Spare Rib, the ‘second-wave’* feminist magazine is re-launching! Hurrah! This coupled with Grimes’s fantastic blog post about her role as a woman in the music industry makes the recent news of John Lydon’s frankly bizarre sexist tirade on Australian television easier to bear.

Editor and Guardian journalist Charlotte Raven promises “‘Fucking Mary’ cocktails at the launch party, served by George Galloway, Rod Liddle and other costumed penitents, while the men are kept pointlessly occupied; sweeping up, ‘keeping fit’ and worrying about their work/life balance. The star-studded afterparty with renowned DJs will finally scotch the myth that feminists can’t dance.” Sounds like my kind of party.

Let’s just hope that Spare Rib’s mainstream sale on the same shelves at Cosmo and Glamour doesn’t come with the caveat that we have to put up with mindless advertising and Photoshopping to stave off the competition. The website should be live on 27 May (www.spare-rib.co.uk), with a print launch in the autumn.

*(Note: ‘second-wave’ feminism – 1960s-1980s issues such as sexuality, reproductive rights / ‘first-wave’ – suffrage, overturning legal obstacles to gender equality e.g. voting rights).


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