Protest against The Sun’s ‘page three’

So, I went along to a ban The Sun newspaper’s page three protest a little while ago…

We asked staff coming out and going into the News International building to sign a huge petition and we chanted some sing-songs in traditional march style. It was a great chance to get together with fellow feminists and feel, in a world where female exposure and degradation is everyday, like you’re not alone. It’s nice to know that other people don’t agree with women being stripped daily in a national newspaper! Sadly though, there were only around forty people there and very few men.

The women who have launched Object, the UK-based charity that campaigns against sexual objectification of women in the media, and the Turn Your Back On Page Three and No More Page Three campaign groups are absolutely amazing and are passionate and unrelenting. Fighting The Sun and News International feels like a thankless and frankly impossible task, but we shouldn’t lose heart. These protests, although small, may be the catalyst for something greater in the future and for now, it’s all about getting a bigger conversation going about feminism (especially between younger people and future generations).

Here’s a link to a great feature about the protest by a young feminist journo, Kira Cochrane at the Guardian:

So good to be part of 2012 feminism!

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