My blind date (that appeared in a newspaper)

Last month, I appeared in The Guardian newspaper’s ‘blind date’ column. I decided to take it on, and risk public humiliation, all in the name of a) not meeting anyone new through my current friendship groups, b) I was feeling spontaneous and c) I saw it as an opportunity to learn something new about the dating game.

The date didn’t go so well. However, I have developed a stronger sense of the importance of not taking yourself too seriously, and it’s really enforced a few things I understood about how single women are perceived.

Since it appeared in the magazine and online, lots of people approached me to say how short he was and made numerous comments about his physical attributes, trying to belittle him and in the end make me feel ‘better’ about the date not going so well. But, I was really pleased with what he said about the date and I feel like he came across as a nicer person than me – yet people I talked to had to put him down, like the woman had to be cushioned at the end of it all.

I had no hang-ups about the final result, but it just re-enforced the notion that it’s always the woman who is pitied in the dating game and will inevitably collapse into a pool of tears if they have a bad date. I was pretty jovial about it all, but others looked at me with concerned eyes. It took me back to the Victorian age. I was waiting for a high five and a ‘hell yeah’, but I only got a hand on the shoulder.

Single ladies aren’t all like Bridget Jones.


2 thoughts on “My blind date (that appeared in a newspaper)

  1. Hi Alice!

    This message evolved in the following manner. I 1.) I read the Blind Date thing 2.) coveted your top 3.) tracked down your blod through Linked in 4.) read some of the blog and was intrigued that you were a music journo and an arts indulger and that female identity preoccupies you.

    If we were closer in age I might’ve even bumped into you, because I share a lot of your passions and was in the nusic bisuness for a long time.

    But I’m way older than you and conduct my life far from London most of the time, though I still do the odd gig and am very excited about seeing the Death exhibition at the Wellcome Gallery on Thursday.

    Anyway – I love the blog. Keep up the good writing and the impetus thereunderlying…. and – last, but barely least – where DID you get that gorgeous top??

    Happy Pencil Day (USA)!

    1. Hi Betsy,

      Thanks for reading my blog and posting a comment, much appreciated! I got the top from Toast,, but it’s in their summer ’12 collection so not sure if you will be able to track one down…they make beautiful clothes though. Hope you enjoyed the Wellcome exhibition, will have to check it out…



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