Have you been looking to campaign against page three but don’t know where to start?


I’m heading to the ‘No More Page Three’ campaign’s ‘Anti Page Three Tea Party’ on November 17th. If you’ve been looking for a chance to protest against the prolific page then join us at News International headquarters in Wapping, London. Here’s the blurb and a link:

“Saturday November 17th to mark the anniversary of Page 3 with the tea party to end all Page 3’s! We’ll be joining forces with other feminist groups for a day of action outside the News International HQ.

To challenge The Sun editor’s Leveson Inquiry defense that Page 3 is an “innocuous British institution” we will be holding our own ‘British institutions’ themed tea party. Whilst the ubiquitous cup of tea can be accurately described as an “innocuous British institution”, Page 3’s brand of sexism and female objectification cannot.

We believe that Page 3 ritualistically ridicules and sexually objectifies women, normalises a hyper-sexualised culture and trivialises the sexual harassment women have to endure in their daily lives. 

A recent Newsnight feature covering the success of No More Page Three’s online petition (which you can find herehttp://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/dominic-mohan-take-the-bare-boobs-out-of-the-sun-nomorepage3) revealed that former Sun deputy editor Neil Wallis does not consider the 46,000 signatories to be “real women”. We have some news for The Sun. We are real women, real men too! Real, tea-drinking British people who oppose the excusing of Page 3 as an “innocuous British institution”. 

Come dressed as your favourite British institution- the rain, a jar of Marmite, a Suffragette, the Queen, a Sex Pistol- whatever you like. Bring tea, your favourite mug, and your best shouting voice!

All genders are welcome and costumes are strongly encouraged, but not obligatory.”


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