A word on ‘fat, jealous’ Clare Short

I thought I’d start on a light note today, with a reflection on the Sun’s tirade against Clare Short’s Page Three Bill campaign. What a charming retrospective to enjoy on a sunny September day:

FAT, JEALOUS’ CLARE SHORT” spewed David Wooding and Tom Wording, snivelling boys in their own special journalist’s playground. It’s ‘mission impossible’ as they give her a page three makeover by superimposing her head on a page three model’s body. And again, ‘P3 FAREWELL TO MS KILLJOY“, who when the Sun posts a photo of Clare’s face, is ‘not short up top’.

What a venomous and hateful reaction to a mature and adult campaign. What a pitiful response to a serious issue. What a depressing happening that the majority of UK newspaper readers digest this garbage every day. You can read more about the attack on Clare Short by visiting her blog.

Hurrah to Lucy Holmes then, who has launched a new petition this week asking Dominic Mohan, editor of the Sun, to kindly drop page three. Please sign the petition and send it on, it will make a huge difference as a gesture, and never say ‘nothing will change’ or ‘you can’t change what men want’. This gesture is so important and might be the catalyst for a change. And that change would fundamentally adjust our perception of who women are today.





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